Demon Physiology and Psychology

I don’t know where to begin. In many ways demons are similar to humans. They breathe air, walk, talk, and think just as their human counterparts do. However that is where the similarities between them end.

Humans need to eat and sleep to maintain healthy body functions. Demons feed on energy, the exact type differs depending on the kind of demon, and as long as they can gather enough energy they do not need to sleep. Demons can gather energy from each other, however they feed best from humans. In this manner demons form a parasitic relationship with humans, pushing their human prey into deeper acts of deprivation in order to continue to feed well from them.

Demons think differently than humans do. An act or topic that maybe taboo to a human can be just another part of everyday life for a demon. Took out first example. Steph will pass on in facebook if asked., while a pride demon will turn on their best friend and humiliate them in order to feed. To a demon, indulging and feeding a nest member’s vice so that they can feed is part and parcel of being a good parent or sibling, while for a human the very idea often revolts them. In this way many humans who are changed into demons have a hard time adjusting to their new lives as the instincts and impulses that are now driving their lives are so foreign to them. These changed demons either find a way to balance their old morals and values with their new instincts and impulses or slowly go insane as their moral core is chipped away with each act they indulge in that goes against their old moral code. It is the very rare individual who is able to hold completely yo their old moral and values after being changed into a demon.

Taken from the journals of Olivia Hunter, Nest Doctor

Demonic Hierarchy

Demons are split into two classes, high or low.

High demons are pure blooded, drawing their powers from only one source. They are regarded as being more civilized than their low demon cousins, living in cities and urbane centres, and are far more likely to interact with the natural world than their cousins. High demons are weaker in nature than low demons, not being able to manipulate the large amounts of energy that their cousins do.

Low demons are the mutts of the Shadow realm. With demon blood that is a blend of either two demons or mixed with human blood usually, low demons are viewed as being inferior by their high born cousins. However the diverse nature of their blood allows them to dabble in far more applications of their powers than their cousins. Low demons tend to live in small villages and tribal communities.

Both low and high demons organize themselves into groups called nests. These nests are small families of demons who wish to live and work together to achieve their needs. The strongest member of the nest is called the nest-mother, regardless of gender, and it is their job to ensure that the needs of all the members of the nest are taken care of. When two or more nests exist in the same location the nest-mothers are instinctively drawn together to test which one is stronger. The winner of the test becomes the King or Queen for that area. In the rare occasion of a single nest-mother with a large nest, the nest-mother automatically becomes the King or Queen of the area.

All demons are instinctively aware of the strength of all nest-mothers, demonic royalty, and those who are significantly more powerful than themselves. They react by showing subservient behavior to them and an innate terror if they have angered the individual.

Taken from the journals of Olivia Hunter, Nest Doctor

Demon Ranks

Demons are divided into rankings based on their strength, with first rank demons being the strongest. The following is a list of demon ranks and a brief description of each rank.

First Rank – Dark Wills

Not much is known about the Dark Wills. As the strongest demons they are looked on as gods by the lower ranks of demons. Dark Wills tend to remain in the shadow realm, rarely interacting with humans or with other demons.

Second Rank – Dark Princes/Princesses

The avatars of the Dark Wills, the Princes and Princesses are the ones who interact with normal demons on important business. These Dark royalty are responsible for ensuring that the demons don’t get to out of control. The exact number of Princes/Princesses is unknown but each one has a speciality that defines who they are. Some examples include the Prince of Betrayal, the Prince of Destruction and the Princess of Lust. A demon who gathers enough power and strength can become a Prince or Princess though the exact process for this transformation is unknown.

Third Rank – Founders

Founders are the only lower class demons who are pure blooded. There are only ever 8 Founders at one time, one for each of the 7 deadly sins and one for the gate demons. A Founder is created by the blending of a hellion demon and a regular demon. When the current Founder is killed and the bond between the two halves is broken, the hellion seeks out a new companion to anchor itself to. When the demon agrees to the bond they are transformed into the Founder of their race. Each hellion can only seek out and bond to a demon that falls under their sin. Pride can only bond itself to a pride demon, Lust to a succubus, Gluttony to an imp, and so on. The hellion that creates the Founder of the Gate Demons must bond to a gate demon. At this time the gate demons are the only one of the pure race to be without a Founder.

Fourth Rank- First Daughter/Son

Each Founder has the ability to designate one member of their race as the First Daughter/Son. This individual is usually a member of the race who has shown that they are an embodiment of what the race represents or that they are selfless enough to look out for their siblings over their own needs. The exact nature of what each Founder looks for is different, but the one chosen to be the First Daughter/Son of a Founder is entrusted to look out for and care for the other members of their race.

Fifth Rank

The fifth rank is the only rank without a formal name. Nest-mothers, and other strong individuals can all fall under this rank. The fifth rank is a catch all for any demon that is to strong to be counted among the masses, yet to weak to be a Prince yet. This rank however must be formally bestowed on a demon by a Prince and any demon caught claiming a rank they have not been given is punished harshly.

The Masses

Any demon without a formal rank is considered a member of the masses. This group is among the largest of all the groups.

As a point nest-mothers themselves can belong to any rank, just as tribal Kings and Queens can. The Fifth rank is just a base rank for any nest-mother or demonic royalty who has no other rank.

Taken from the journals of Olivia Hunter, Nest Doctor


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