Avaroth University

This small university is unlike other universities its size. Located a half-hour commute from the closest city-centre and 5 minutes from Bookton, Avaroth University seems like an oasis of quiet in which an individual can pursue their post-secondary education. This small university, with a student population of just over 10,000, can seem a little odd with its middle of nowhere location, but it has attracted a number of highly respected professors in a variety of fields, making it the ideal place to be for any individual wishing to pursue studies in one of those fields.

The Campus

The campus of Avaroth University is divided into 4 main areas; the central hub, the 2 student residences, and Glitterdark Forest to the south-east of the campus grounds. The 2 residences are located on opposite sides of the central hub; one to the north-east, above Glitterdark Forest, and one to the south-west, near the schools parking lots.


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