Ashen Hall

Like Thistle Hall, Ashen Hall is actually made up of four different buildings grouped together to for a square. The open area in the middle of the buildings forms a courtyard just like the one in the Thistle Hall complex. The apartments here are similar to the ones in Thistle Hall, however only about a third of the students living in this dormitory ever actually use the kitchen, the rest have no need of it.

Unlike Thistle Hall, the four buildings of Ashen Hall are connected underground. The area under the buildings and the courtyard forms a large room that extends for two stories underground. This large room is divided into a number of different areas. The largest area is directly under the courtyard. An arena stands there, where the supernal are able to work out their aggressions and differences. The arena is heavily warded to prevent any damage from being done to it. Surrounding the arena is a lounge area, a club area and a number of private rooms of different sizes that can be used for a variety of different activities. These private rooms are also warded as well as surrounded with spells to help draw off the ambient energy in the air that is produced. This energy is channeled into crystals that help to power the various spell laid out throughout the school.

A tunnel leads from the underground level of Ashen Hall, under the University to the science tower and the portal to the Shadow Realm.

Campus Locations

Ashen Hall

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