University life is hectic enough with balancing classes and navigating the campus social life. How much more difficult would life become if you had a secret that you had to keep from everyone around you?

The Supernal exist, hidden for centuries from the eyes of the mundane. Living ordinary lives the Supernal have hidden themselves in plain sight from mortals. However what happens to those ordinary lives once the Supernal reaches the age where they are eligible to attend higher learning? Or at least reaches that age in the eyes of the mundanes surrounding them? Many Supernal choose to attend Avaroth Universtiy, due to a variety of factors which make the school grounds a very desirable place to live.

You will be playing as a student attending the university. You can choose to play a Supernal creature or a mundane human, a first year or a graduating student. The game will follow your lives at the university and deal with mostly social situations and politics. It will focus on how you go about keeping the fact that you are a supernal creature a secret from the ordinary students in the school. Combat will be a low priority, but I will not avoid it if it comes up.

Avaroth University